With the rise of ecommerce business, there would be a rise in the demand for specialised ecommerce accounting services.

What is an ecommerce accountant?

Their main client base are business owners who operate a business on online platforms such as Amazon, Shopify or WooCommerce.

Ecommerce accountants offer various accounting services, including but not limited to the following:

  • business structuring advice
  • ecommerce bookkeeping services
  • compliance services (GST, tax return)
  • grant advice
  • business planning advice
  • management reporting service
  • set up of cloud ecommerce accounting tools for financial reporting purposes

Why is ecommerce accountant important?

Think about this – Will you be applying the same business strategy between a traditional business with an online business?

Most likely not 100%, as ecommerce stores have a different business model than the brick-and-mortars stores. Some of the differences can be founds below.

EcommerceBrick and mortar
Not bound by physical location LocationLocal address
Can be anywhere in the worldType of customersLocal customers
Various (USD, AUD, EUR, GBP etc)Currency Local currency
Usually marketing / storage / freight expenses are the biggest contributorsExpensesUsually rent and employees’ salaries
Prefer to have the work-from-anywhere lifestyleIntentionPrefer customer interaction

Same with accounting services too. You cannot use services that are tailored for traditional businesses for an ecommerce business and expect the same outcome.

Who is suitable for this role?

Someone who is:

  • Passionate about the ecommerce industry
  • Keen to improve their communication skills
  • A fast learner
  • Has logical thinking
  • Has organisational skills
  • Having the initiative to take on ad hoc tasks